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iTvTrax Advances Initiative to License Its Patented Technology for the Capture, Storage and Transmission of Viewership Data Through the Set-Top Box

NEW YORK, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- iTvTrax advances initiative to license its audience measurement and behavior tracking technology to MSOs, market research firms, and advertisers. iTvTrax's proprietary technology is a requisite to sourcing market research data at the set-top box. Licensing agreements will allow the use of second-by-second viewership data captured through the set-top box, stored and transmitted from the source to a remote location for aggregation.

"U.S. Patent No. 6,286,140 B1, which was filed in November 1997 and issued in September 2001, protects the proprietary technology required to achieve the capture, storage, transmission, and aggregation of the digital-cable viewership data, sourced at the set-top box," says Thomas P. Ivanyi, CEO of iTvTrax.

Ivanyi continues, "Through this licensing initiative, we look forward to working with all parties seeking to harness the rich market data that can be compiled at the point-of-viewing through a totally passive system. Aggregating relevant data for demographic purposes achieves full privacy protection for the individual viewing household."

"Video-on-Demand and addressable advertising are growing in importance and emphasize the increasing role of the set-top box viewership data. The iTvTrax patent established a unique technology to capture, store and transmit second-by-second viewership data. This enhanced viewership data is essential to the measurement of video-on-demand and targeting addressable advertising," points out Gray Lee, Director of Business Development for the company.

Viewership data harvested from the digital set-top box and DVR is used for census-like audience measurement, addressable advertising, and Video-on-Demand; iTvTrax provides the patented technology necessary to access this second-by-second viewership data.

About iTvTrax

iTvTrax is a patented digital audience measurement and behavior tracking system technology. Through its proprietary chip design, resident in the set-top box (or imbedded directly into TVs/DVRs/VCRs, PCs, media centers and plug-and-play units), captured data provides for significantly increased sample size by demographic categories as well as recognition of patterns of television audience behavior compared with the current industry standard. iTvTrax, LLC is located in New York, NY. For more information, visit,

Patent No. 6,286,140 B1 can be viewed at A delineation of the Fields of Use and the Key Benefits of the iTvTrax technology can be viewed at


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