FAQs Concerning iTvTrax and iTvTrax’s Patent
1. What is iTvTrax?

iTvTrax is the owner of pioneering technology that allows television viewer behavior to be continuously monitored and tracked in order to readily assess viewership of television content – programming and advertising.

The technology is centered on U.S. Patent No. 6,286,140 granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2001. iTvTrax licenses and enforces the rights granted by this patent.

2. What is the iTvTrax Patent?

With its 1997 filing date, the iTvTrax Patent broadly covers digital audience measurement and behavior tracking.

More specifically, the system provides uninterrupted, passive and continuous capture of television viewership data at the point of viewing, storing of the viewership data until polled and then transmitted back “up the pipe” from the television, set-top box or DVR for aggregation and measurement.

3. What does the iTvTrax Patent cover and how is it different from prior television monitoring systems?

Unlike prior systems that take “snapshots” of tuning to assess viewership, the iTvTrax Patent covers “uninterrupted and passive continuous” monitoring and measuring of television viewers’ actions.

All actions from “initial on” through “final off” and everything in between, are captured (channels changes; channel surfing; tracking from/to; muting; VOD; DVR recording viewership (time shifted viewing). Data captured provides direct correlation with concurrent broadcasting to ascertain the programming viewership.

4. What is iTvTrax’s business plan with respect to the Patent?

iTvTrax has initiated a commercialization plan through licensing, joint ventures and eventual sale of the Patent. That plan began during the summer of 2004 with an auction for a license and/or purchase of the Patent. The auction has resulted in strategic licensing and joint venture negotiations. Enforcement of the Patent rights is also anticipated.

5. What is the economic value of the iTvTrax Patent?

The iTvTrax Patent is the first technology to establish proprietary claims to capture, transmit and analyze the continuous and uninterrupted TV and cable audience measurement data sourced at the point of viewing (e.g. TV, set-top box, DVR).

By licensing and/or purchasing the patent, the new licensee/owner will have an unfettered right to develop the patented technology to the exclusion of others.

6. Why is the iTvTrax Patent important to the future of television?

The future of audience measurement is projected to emphasize: increasing sample size; tracking time-shifted viewing; gauging video-on-demand, interactive TV and interactive advertising; as well as measuring the array of viewing content expected to rapidly expand in broadband.

iTvTrax’s Patent anticipates these industry needs and establishes broad rights through the scope and details of the patent claims.

7. How does iTvTrax deal with competing technology that is covered by the iTvTrax Patent?

Since the issuance of the patent on September 4, 2001, several products and/or services have emulated the iTvTrax Patent and therefore are subject to licensing or other enforcement of the iTvTrax Patent rights.

8. Why is the iTvTrax Patent a compelling imperative for the industry?

iTvTrax meets a growing market need from MSOs as well as networks thus presenting a compelling opportunity for MSOs, set-top box manufacturers, and market research firms to license the Patent and develop this proprietary application technology.

The iTvTrax Patent is a basis for premium-priced services for those who are willing to pay for added information complementary to the core Nielsen data and methodology. The industry has long sought data that would offer greater depth and reliability than currently available.

9. Who should be contacted for iTvTrax licensing information?

Companies interested in obtaining licensing rights to the iTvTrax patent should contact:

Acacia Technologies Group
500 Newport Center Drive, 7th Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Rob Berman
949-480-8333 (telephone)
949-480-8390 (fax)